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solution architect job Requirements


Higher technical education;
Experience in pre-selling software solutions (demonstrations, protection of pilot project results, presentations); preferably PLM, MES, MDM, etc .;
Leadership experience and participation in software solutions implementation projects as a project manager and solution architect for at least 8 years;
Skills in analyzing the needs of functional customers;
Competence in the formation of design and technical documents (project plan, TOR, TCH);
Understanding the problems and tasks of the focus industry;
English from Intermediate and above.

solution architect jobs

Negotiating with the Customer;
Formation of the set of tasks for the presale based on the analysis of the Customer's request;
Demonstration script formation;
Preparation and organization of pilot projects;
Formation of the architecture of an integrated solution based on DS products in the context of the customer's enterprise architecture;
Preparation of the specification of licenses for the tasks of the Customer;
Conducting presentations and demonstrations (both internal and for customers);
Participation in solution implementation projects.


Who makes a great Business Architect?

Business architects come from various backgrounds.  Historically, technologists made a transition to the position of enterprise architects. However, given the character of enterprise structure as an interdisciplinary and multi-purposeful practice, the subsequent backgrounds and enjoy will enterprise architects in correct stead. Business strategists and enterprise specialists with huge image questioning may be outstanding enterprise architects.  Product control is every other vicinity which could produce first-rate enterprise architects. Business evaluation or structures evaluation is every other vicinity that gives correct grounding. 

what skills do you need to be an architect

And of course, technical or answer architects with a enterprise attitude additionally can also additionally discover the transition less complicated to turning into a enterprise architect. Questions approximately the value-upload of

Business Architects:Some of the position readability problems cross all of the manner lower back into the genesis of the practice, the form of practitioners and their beyond background, and lack of knowledge and ambiguity amongst enterprise and generation leaders.For example, many suppose enterprise structure is a subset of agency structure.  Many early practitioners have had deep roots in IT structure, and as a result their have an effect on made the career deem openly and covertly IT-centric.  any backlash towards agency structure additionally has stricken enterprise structure.To upload to this, the emphasis of the enterprise architects on artifacts, as opposed to outcomes, and a fashionable feeling that many are ivory tower deliverables have exacerbated the issue.  A version can also additionally appearance quite however who cares if it does now no longer pick out a trouble or an opportunity.  A view can be worthy, however now no longer as treasured as a viewpoint.    

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Solutions Architect-Associate (SAA) Qualification

Some of the Associate Associate qualifications include Developer-Associate (DVA) and SysOps-Associate (SOA), but SAA is the most preferred because it contains most of the core content of using AWS.

Because it is the qualification to certify the skills necessary for practical work, I think the cost-performance ratio is the best in that regard.

For example, it can be used as an objective competency index when joining.

If you don't have a license, you should probably wear it by mouth

what does a solutions architect do

On the other hand, if you are a SAA, you can replace a lot of content with a single license instead of a long eaves (?). This is because the service area of ​​AWS covered by SAA is wide and you need to be familiar with its contents. It's more persuasive to say that you are accredited by AWS with that knowledge than to list the service names. Another point is that AWS is a certified qualification that directly manages the objectivity and quality of evaluation. Information Cause difficult picking a Yame (?) In the short term as processing articles qualifications

what does a solutions architect do

People interested in becoming cloud architects who are completing their higher education or are in their first years of work should focus on finding graduate or master programs that include the necessary training.

For those with more experience , Gartner suggests that business architects, virtualization specialists, technical positions with extensive integration experience, or business profiles with sufficient technical knowledge are best suited to migrate to a cloud architect position.

Among the recommended programs , the consultant recommends:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect : Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud services in the industry. This certification establishes your skills in managing AWS applications and infrastructure.
Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect - Google Cloud Architect Certification assesses your ability to design, plan, manage, and deliver architecture and infrastructure for cloud solutions.
IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect - Certification demonstrates your ability to "design, plan, architecture, and manage principles of an IBM cloud computing infrastructure."

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