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solution architect job Requirements


Higher technical education;
Experience in pre-selling software solutions (demonstrations, protection of pilot project results, presentations); preferably PLM, MES, MDM, etc .;
Leadership experience and participation in software solutions implementation projects as a project manager and solution architect for at least 8 years;
Skills in analyzing the needs of functional customers;
Competence in the formation of design and technical documents (project plan, TOR, TCH);
Understanding the problems and tasks of the focus industry;
English from Intermediate and above.

solution architect jobs

Negotiating with the Customer;
Formation of the set of tasks for the presale based on the analysis of the Customer's request;
Demonstration script formation;
Preparation and organization of pilot projects;
Formation of the architecture of an integrated solution based on DS products in the context of the customer's enterprise architecture;
Preparation of the specification of licenses for the tasks of the Customer;
Conducting presentations and demonstrations (both internal and for customers);
Participation in solution implementation projects.


what skills do you need to be an architect

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what skills do you need to be an architect

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What are The Responsibilities of a Technical Solution Architect?

Most of the time, a solution architect is a highly experienced senior technocrat, who has led several projects through software development processes or the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using the most varied means available to achieve their goals. goals. This includes, for example, the use of PMBoK, Scrum and Kanban processes. This experienced professional has generally played a wide variety of different roles in his professional career.

The solution architect must have the ability to share and communicate ideas clearly, both orally and in writing, to executives, business sponsors and technical resources in a clear and concise language, that is, in a language that each group is able to understand . Its activities, among others, involve:

what skills do you need to be an architect

Prepare presentation of comprehensible solutions to technicians and business managers;
Ability to prepare and present highly complex technical proposals as well as a vision of the solution - Business Blue Print - and act in the evangelization of how the product addresses the critical needs of the user;
Ability to engage both technically with users and business unit managers to understand users' requirements, map them and design a solution;
Support solution demonstrations with proof of concept, evaluations, demonstrations or even assist in installing products when necessary;
Assist in the construction of prototypes based on user requirements in order to propose evaluations of the solution presented.
Get up from your chair, get out of your workstation, go to where your customer and demand are, talk about demand, ask for explanations. It is essential that the solution architect understands the process of the business area and what impacts can be caused in choosing a particular solution. It often focuses a lot on technology and tools, operating something manual instead of proposing process optimization and culture change through innovative solutions. The more details and information you collect, the more accurate and better your work will be and the more recognition you will have for doing a good job. When we demonstrate that we are inserted in the context, the parties realize that they have in their team a person determined and engaged in helping.