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solution architect job Requirements


Higher technical education;
Experience in pre-selling software solutions (demonstrations, protection of pilot project results, presentations); preferably PLM, MES, MDM, etc .;
Leadership experience and participation in software solutions implementation projects as a project manager and solution architect for at least 8 years;
Skills in analyzing the needs of functional customers;
Competence in the formation of design and technical documents (project plan, TOR, TCH);
Understanding the problems and tasks of the focus industry;
English from Intermediate and above.

solution architect jobs

Negotiating with the Customer;
Formation of the set of tasks for the presale based on the analysis of the Customer's request;
Demonstration script formation;
Preparation and organization of pilot projects;
Formation of the architecture of an integrated solution based on DS products in the context of the customer's enterprise architecture;
Preparation of the specification of licenses for the tasks of the Customer;
Conducting presentations and demonstrations (both internal and for customers);
Participation in solution implementation projects.