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what roles does a firewall perform?

According to a report (, 29% of companies surveyed who suffered cyber infringement in 2016 lost revenue. In addition, 22% lost customers and 23% lost new business opportunities. More than one-third of these affected companies were found to have lost more than 20% of their existing customer/sales and business opportunities.

After the incident, 90% of these companies improved their threat defense technologies and processes by separating IT and security functions (38%), expanding security awareness training for employees (37%), and implementing risk mitigation techniques (37%).

In the 10th anniversary of this year's cybersecurity report, Cisco highlighted the persistent challenges of cybercrime and the challenges and opportunities of security departments to combat changing attacks. Corporate CSOs cited limited budgets, system compatibility, and insufficient expertise as the biggest obstacles to security enhancement.

With 65% of companies using at least six to fifty security products, operations leaders say their security department environment is becoming increasingly complex. According to this, many security products are used, but the gap in security effectiveness, which is less effective, is also increasing.

Email spam has been at its highest level since 2010, as criminals taking advantage of this gap utilized classic attack techniques such as adware and email spam. Spam mail accounts for 65% of all emails, and 8-10% of them are malicious. Global email spam rates are on the rise and are often spread by botnets.

It is important to measure the effectiveness of security enforcement against these attacks, Cisco said. Cisco is tracking how the'Time to Detection (TTD)', which represents the time between threat breaches and detection, is being reduced. Reducing threat detection time is critical to limiting the attacker's activity space and minimizing intrusion damage. Cisco cut the median of threat detection time from 14 hours in early 2016 to a minimum of 6 hours in the second half. This figure is based on telemetry information from Cisco security products worldwide.

“Because the digital era is in full swing and business is changing accordingly, cyber security is the most important part for companies to focus on,” said Cho Bum-goo, CEO of Cisco Korea. "We are helping to minimize operational risk and grow your business."


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