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Customer application or OAuth administration may

The detail for OpenID Connect is a lot stricter than that of essential OAuth, which implies there is by and large less potential for particular executions with glaring weaknesses. All things considered, as it is only a layer that sits on top of OAuth, the customer application or OAuth administration may, in any case, be defenseless against a portion of the OAuth-based assaults we took a gander at before. Indeed, you may have seen that the entirety of our OAuth confirmation labs additionally uses OpenID Connect. 

In this segment, we'll take a gander at some extra weaknesses that might be presented by a portion of the additional highlights of OpenID Connect. 

The OpenID determination diagrams a normalized method of permitting customer applications to enroll with the OpenID supplier. In the event that dynamic customer enrollment is upheld, the customer application can enlist itself by sending a POST solicitation to a committed/enlistment endpoint. The name of this endpoint is generally given in the setup record and documentation. 

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