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computer service technician salary 2020 August

A Computer Maintenance Technician wins a normal of R $ 2,163.78 in the Brazilian activity market for a workday of 43 hours of the week as indicated by research by alongside legitimate information from Novo CAGED, eSocial and Web Employer with an aggregate of 5,055 pay rates for experts conceded and excused by organizations. 

computer service technician salary  

CBO 3132-05 is between R $ 1,799.72 middle pay of the overview and the compensation roof of R $ 4,538.44 , with R $ 1,974.86 being the normal of the 2020 pay floor of understandings, aggregate understandings and understandings considering experts with a proper agreement under the CLT system from all over Brazil. 

The most intermittent expert profile is that of a 24-year-old , complete secondary school , male laborer who works 44 hours per week in organizations in the specific retail exchange portion of PC gear and supplies .

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