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How to transfer the whole country to remote work

In the coming decades, remote work will be organized in a completely different way than we are used to. Even the current situation with the pandemic has allowed humanity to rethink many important points in the field of our relations, communication, as well as in the field of labor relations.

It turned out that many people can work successfully from home, performing their duties with the same efficiency, if they continued to work in the office. But technology will further change the world's approach to remote work at home. tried to understand what remote work will look like in the near future, and what is the vision of this issue in the world's leading companies (the experience of Facebook and Twitter).

Dynamic virtual work environment: what will it look like?
"Outstanding work has always been synonymous with big challenges," Facebook experts said in a recent article. They, like no other, understand that the twenty-first century is an era of great change, and the transfer of many professionals to the virtual plane is only a matter of time.

Analyzing their vision of remote work in the future, we can identify some key features:

Gadgets are becoming more sophisticated, and over time they will be able to provide people with endless virtual work environments based on the user's presence on social media. The employee will be able to customize their own virtual workplace to suit their needs and tastes. This access to virtual reality will allow you to hold conferences, meetings and conferences with great efficiency. And this does not require a presence in the office.
Manufacturability of virtual screens: the ability to work with gestures, which will significantly increase the efficiency of work tasks, and with the help of traditional manipulators - keyboard and mouse.
Another technological breakthrough - their own avatars, which in virtual reality will provide the ability to accurately convey the nuances of communication between people (nonverbal, gestures). This advanced technology is rapidly evolving and improving not only the efforts of Facebook's IT professionals, but also the programmers of other "advanced" IT companies around the world.

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