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Computer networks: specialty technician, description of the profession, salary

The developed industrial countries have entered a phase of explosive growth of information technologies. Someone has to design, adjust and operate these systems. We offer a short overview of the profession of a technician or engineer who maintains or designs computer networks, a specialty that is rapidly gaining popularity right before our eyes.

General information
Nowadays, it is no longer possible to imagine a company operating without information technology. Only an individual entrepreneur can still manage with one computer to keep track of his business activities, and even then only at the initial stage. When a company even has a small staff, their workplaces have to be linked together by a local network. And there is no need to talk about large companies at all - their corporate networks require serious IT departments with dozens or even hundreds of specialists working there.

The main tasks that computer network engineers solve are the construction of interconnected information systems and maintaining them in a working condition. These can be small local networks concentrated in one building, or distributed, complex structures, sometimes covering the entire country. Individual computers standing at the workplaces of employees need to be linked together and provide them with access to shared resources. At the same time, protecting the internal corporate information environment from both external intrusions and internal threats emanating from the employees of the enterprise themselves. This is, in general terms, what a computer networking specialist does.

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